Stand facing an audience



Additional Information

Written for composer-performer Neo Hülcker's transitioning voice. 'Neo Hülcker's breaking of the voice concert' at ausland, Berlin on 30/4/18.

Text score: Take a piece of glass and a bucket of water (like the piece of glass from a portrait picture frame). Dip the glass into the bucket of water, then lift it out again. Hold the glass in front of your face, and above the bucket so that the water drips into the bucket. The audience should be able to see your face through the glass. Read the patterns made by the water on the glass as though they are written music: use very delicate vocal sounds that are on the threshold between existing and not existing. Imagine the centre of the glass represents the most uncomfortable delicate vocal sound you can think of. Imagine all the edges of the glass represent the most comfortable delicate vocal sound you can think of. Trace the movements and patterns of the water using your delicate vocal sounds until the performance becomes uncomfortable (for you or the audience). Finish the performance by dropping the glass onto the floor so that it shatters.




Stand facing an audience
ausland, Berlin