Emily Peasgood is standing in Hyde Park looking at the camera with a large pair of over-head earphones on.
Sounds of the Subaquatic

Additional Information

As part of the Help Nature Thrive project, I was invited to record sounds in The Royal Parks: Bushy Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St James’s Park, The Regents Park and Richmond Park. The aim was to create a sound archive focusing on subaquatic sounds that capture how biodiverse each body of water is through the insects that can be heard. I worked with The Royal Parks to research species and create a series of Species Cue Cards with appropriate recording methods. Guest sound artists and aspiring field recordists were invited to join me to learn how to record underwater sound and how to create soundscape works to become a part of the sound archive.

I made two additional animation soundscapes to promote the project. The resulting work will be available via QR codes on park trails in 2024. 

Materials: Zoom H6 recorders, Zoom shotgun and X-Y capsule, MixPre-3 II Audio Recorder, H2A Hydrophone by Aquarian, JRF Hydrophones, Rode NT4 stereo mic and Rode NT5 matched pair.

Commissioner: Commissioned by The Royal Parks as part of the Help Nature Thrive project.

Creative Team: Assistant field recordists: Dani Osoba and Geoffrey Papin. Guest artists: Holly McCarthur, Rebecca Huxley, Sam Slattery, and Vicki Salmi. Students from Guildhall School of Music and Drama: Archie Awford, Chloe Mason, Eleanor Fineston-Roberts, Frankie Hewett, Henry McLean, Isabel Woodings, James Landsdowne, Kevin Rodgers, Lorelei Hacking, Morgan Watson, Phil Roscoe, Ruaridh Summers, Seamus Heath, Tilley Gartan and Tommy Abrey.




United Kingdom