Songs and Verses from North Cambridge

Additional Information

Songs and Verses from North Cambridge is a songbook containing many songs that can be performed, adapted, re-arranged and recorded, freely, without a licence so long as you credit the author/s. It is the culmination of a community project led by Emily Peasgood, featuring songs, verses and illustrations created collaboratively with people who have a connection to north Cambridge. The book aims to capture what it was like to live in north Cambridge in 2020, preserving stories and folklore for future generations. It was commissioned by The Chesterton Partnership developing Cambridge North, comprising Network Rail, DB Cargo and Brookgate. The resulting book is a free of charge resource, that is available in Cambridgeshire Libraries and as a free downloadable Ebook.

Download the free songbook:

Contents:  6 children’s songs, 2 folk songs, 5 songs for choir or chamber choir, 2 songs for digital instruments, 1 instrumental folk dance, 16 songs for voice and guitarist/pianist or band, and 4 spoken-word pieces.

Team: Emily Peasgood - composer, arranger, editor, with the North Cambridge Community. Collaborating songwriters: Bob Hines and Anna Hester.