Sinfonietta For String Orchestra (2022)

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This piece was the result of a mutual challenge between myself and a friend who we met at University back in the late 1970’s.  She is a visual artist and like myself, needs to keep creating. However, we are also very similar in our lack of self-confidence.  We decided to challenge ourselves to create a work by Christmas that would “extend our boundaries”.  She was to paint something in acrylic and I was to write for strings.

All the material for my piece comes from either the idea in the opening four bars or the bass idea in the first bar of the Allegro at b.34. Everything in the entire piece grows from these “seeds”.  There is a conventional four movement structure including a traditional Minuet & Trio for the third movement.  The music is strongly rooted in C using a conventional key plan for the four movements of: C minor – C major- Eb major and C minor (with a Major Coda at the end).  Movement 2 mourns the loss of our great Queen Elizabeth II and the dedication of the work reads, “For Carol, with my deepest thanks.”

This is a Sibelius 7.5 realisation using Noteperformer 3 as the playback engine. 




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Sinfonietta For String Orchestra