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Stéphane Marin presents a weekly series of fifteen soundscapes recorded in the mornings at various locations throughout Central Asia.

Entitled "Central Asia PhoNographic Mornings" this series forms part of a wider project, "Each Morning of the World", which invites sound artists, composers and recordists globally to share their own specific point of listening, either through a raw field recording or original composition.……

All receipts will be donated to the WFAE (World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

Most residents of Astana spend their time largely in new, large internal spaces, designed for this capital city built only in recent decades and continuing to expand. Work, home, and recreational spaces have sounds from all of these life areas bouncing around these vast walls. This makes Astana a new and unique sound world, full of sounds both familiar and seemingly imaginary. During my time in Astana in 2017, I was completing my Deep Listening® Teaching Certification, and held a study group with my two students Lena and Katya on Sunday mornings in the communal area of my residential tower, which was hollow in the centre, allowing sounds to take a long journey and to be followed on their way. The recording that I have manipulated is of a Pauline Oliveros Sonic Meditation, “Send Receive”, which we performed with a poinciana pod (myself), a mouth harp (Lena), and a plastic comb (Katya).






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