Rupture Through the Soil for piano trio


Violin 1

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‘Rupture Through the Soil’, is a piece composed for piano trio which explores the concept of destruction and regrowth. The composition builds a frenetic energy through continually layering rhythmically contrasting material, whilst thematic material is being continually broken apart and re-ordered. The motivic material is short and acerbic, and dramatic changes in tone are facilitated through stark changes in dynamic and texture. The composition builds to a dramatic climax at bar 100, after which the opening material is suddenly withdrawn. 

At bar 103 a new more melancholic material is introduced; the piano plays a dreamy arpeggio accompaniment in which a sense of rhythmic fluidity is created from continually shifting rhythmic ratios. The strings exchange languid, dramatic melodic lines. This material is suddenly interrupted at bar 104.

In the final section the piano leads with a choral like material derived from the motif at bar 14. The strings accompany with quite tremolo and strummed chords.