From Night

Additional Information

'From Night' was a Park Lane Group Commission and was first performed by Ariana Kashefi in the PLG concert, Purcell Room, Southbank Centre on the 9th January, 2015. It begins in darkness with an expressive idea in the lower register of the cello and gradually transforms, in a cadenza-like way, into a passionate melody in the upper register before descending once more. A softer pizzicato timbre is then introduced that evolves into harmonics and sul pont. tremolo before descending into an undulating and expressive conclusion. The work is also influenced by the metaphysical poem 'The Night' by Henry Vaughan where he describes the night as a 'dazzling darkness' and this piece resonates with the concept that darkness doesn't have to be still and opaque, but can be full of energy and direction.




Zosia Jagodzinska
From Night