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Music Machine 4 for 8 players using mobile phones / tablets / computers


get a group of 8 people, each must have a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

get all of them to load this page (


make the best use of the space you are in; spread out around the room.

form a circle, square, rectangle or any other shape that will fill the room.

when one person gives a signal all click on the start button below.

the piece will start.

you will see a series of different sized and coloured circles.

click on the circle when you see it, you should hear some music from your device.

continue to do so until the screen goes black.

the piece lasts for 8 minutes and starts slowly and quietly.

you can decide beforehand that you will only play a particular colour.

the colours are blue, green, orange, magenta, crimson, black, brown.

do not worry if you miss out some of the buttons.

This piece uses a web based score available here:




Other instrumentation


Music Machine 4 for multiplayer