Linear Construction (No. 5)



Additional Information

Linear Construction (No. 5) borrows its title from a series of sculptures by Naum Gabo - intricate pieces made from clear plastic shapes with nylon thread woven around them. I’m drawn to the way their complex, fluid appearance is created from a very simple construction, creating an ephemeral and weightless form that constantly evolves as you circle it.

This piece isn’t an attempt to directly translate any of the works into sound. Instead, it tries to mirror that dialogue between simplicity and complexity. A four bar cell acts as the sole musical material for the piece - four chords, a constant pulse. The material, however, is in constant flux. Moving from point to point, it undergoes timbral and dynamic transformations that create a feeling of simultaneous stasis and motion.

It was recorded by cellist Gabriella Swallow and released by Nonclassical as part of I hope this finds you well in these strange times (Vol. 1) on 3rd July 2020.