Everything / Everything

Additional Information

This is the 2008 Simon Bookish album, the "big band song cycle about science and information."

The score (below) is a tidied-up version of the 'production score,' prepared for use during the sessions. There are many small differences between the notes and the finished recordings, as a result of decisions made in the studio. For example, the arrangement of 'Victorinox' was revised on the spot to make it less dense and the stylophone solo in 'Dumb Terminal' was a last-minute addition. On the other hand, some songs are very close to the notated arrangements ('A New Sense of Humour,' for example).

Everything/Everything is the most 'pop' music I've ever made, so there's perhaps some irony in it being more-or-less completely written-out. Hopefully, sharing the score will give a little insight into how this kind of record gets made.

Everything/Everything was released by Tomlab - Vinyl/CD/Digital - 2008.