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N.B.: "CRUCIFIXUS", Op.13A is the abridged, shorter version (12') of the composer's full-length anthem, "WOEFULLY ARRAYED", Op.13 (26').

Anthem (or "Lenten Carol") for AATTBB Choir and 2 x SSA Soloists (or Choirs) – with optional Organ and Instrumental accompaniment (reinforcing and/or vocal part replacement):

AATTBB Choir [Choir 1] (minimum 2 voices per line) (stage middle front) +

SSA Soloists [or Choir 2, if doubling parts]* (stage left back, or left gallery) +

SSA Soloists [or Choir 3, if doubling parts]* (stage left right, or right gallery)

= 1. AAAATTTTBBBB + 2. SSA + 3. SSA; or minimum of 18 singers: 4 sopranos; 6 altos; 4 tenors, 4 basses

(* If treating 2 & 3 as Choirs rather than Soloists, min.6 per choir = 2. SSSSAA + 3. SSSSAA: thus 24 overall – this makes it effectively a work for 12-PART ‘TRIPLE CHOIR’)

(From excerpts of text attributed to John Skelton)



The score is marked, “Slow and Spacious”, and “Maestoso (In Wonder)”. Despite the subject matter, the mood of the refrain is more one of glory and awe, rather than mere dolefuleness. The intimate verse, by contrast, is marked, “Teneramente” (“Tenderly”).



‘sublimely beautiful’ – Dr. Andrew Shenton, BMus(Lond), MM(Yale), AM and PhD(Harvard), FRCO (ChM), LRAM, ARCM, DipRCM, Associate Professor of Music & James R. Houghton Scholar of Sacred Music, Boston University; Conductor and Director of the Boston Choral Ensemble (USA)

‘Woefully Arrayed has a mesmeric element to it … [and] is a masterpiece of time-stretching. As lines float and interact throughout the soundspace, there is a distinct impression of atemporality, of altering the way the listener experiences time.’ – Colin Clarke, “Little, Woefully Arrayed …”, in Fanfare, Vol.41, No.2 (USA)

‘Each of these moments sort of bursts forth from the slowly-built verses in rather beautiful colors.  … the stunning quality of the work … has this sense of coming into one central space only to go the far reaches of the space. Carefully-managed dissonance also adds to the emotional depth of the piece ... The overall production is rather stellar ...’ Steven A. Kennedy, “Polychoral Music by Jonathan David Little”, in Cinemusical (USA)

‘... arrestingly beautiful, and manages to strike a delicate balance between tradition and innovation.’ – Arnaud G. Veydarier, “Jonathan David Little, Woefully Arrayed …”, in La Scena Musicale (2018) (CANADA)

‘Splendid work: angelic, fresh, like a radiant illumination from the sky! Very well balanced, with the voices enveloping the generosity of the organ. A true gem!’ Operabilia (Aug., 2019) (BELGIUM)



- WINNER (UK): "ENCORE CHORAL" AWARD: BBC Radio 3 / Royal Philharmonic Society

- RUNNER-UP (AUSTRALIA): "CHASS AUSTRALIA PRIZE for DISTINCTIVE WORK" 2018: Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (29th October 2018, Storey Hall, Melbourne)

- NOMINATION (USA): "BEST CLASSICAL MUSIC RECORDING":  RoundGlass Global Music Awards 2018 (Edison Ballroom, New York)



Wofully araide,
     My blode, man,
     For thee ran,
It may not be naide;
     My body blo and wanne,
Wofully araide.


Of sharpe thorne I haue worne a crowne on my hede,
So paynyd, so straynyd, so rufull, so red;
Thus bobbid, thus robbid, thus for thy loue ded,
Onfaynyd, not deynyd my blod for to shed;
     My fete and handes sore
     The sturdy nailis bore;
     What might I suffir more
          Than I haue don, O man, for thee?
          Cum when thou list, wellcum to me,
               Wofully araide.

FINAL (expanded) REFRAIN

Wofully araide,
     My blode, man,
     For thee ran,
It may not be naide;
     My body blo and wanne,
Wofully araide.

Attributed to John Skelton (ca.1463-1529)


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Crucifixus, Op.13a