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Collaboration with artists Harald Turek and Triona Ryan for a one-off book combining photography with musical/graphic scores.

Publisher: A Shoal of Mackerel Publishing
Category: Graphic, Installation, Solo Works, Works for 2-6 Players
Year Composed: 2009
Duration: n/a
Orchestration: any
Notes on score: One-Off Book
First performance/exhibit:
– October 2009, Arhus Art Book Fair.

Other performances/exhibits:
– 22nd-25th October 2009 at the Art Building at Verbale Pupiller, Arhus, Denmark
– 14 February 2010, French For Cartridge pop-up shop, London. With performances by une cartouche of some of the graphic scores.
– May 2010, am gallery, London. 


“Carrigal” is an Irish word which stems from carrig [rock] and geal [bright]. Legend has it that there used to be a large stone circle made of a sort of rock which was very bright. At some point it got ploughed under as a local farmer was afraid of people trudging through his land to see it. Located in the heart of Ireland, the farm boasts 55 acres of land on which reside 67 cows and 2 hereford bulls. This collaborative project compiles photos and field recordings from the Carrigal farm by artists Harald Turek and Triona Ryan with my graphic/musical scores based on data and stories from the farm into a one-off book. To complete the 40 pages of collective artwork, my experimental duo with Henri Vaxby, une cartouche, has recorded a 4 minute piece attempting to recreate the sounds of the farm’s milking machines with Henri on acoustic guitar and myself on piano. This recording features, together with the original field recording of the dairy farm, on a one-off 7” vinyl included in the book. A fold-out map presenting the concerted efforts of Triona and myself puts the finishing touch to this extraordinary book about herd 41 in Tipperary, Ireland. 

Online archive for the project can be found here 






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