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Memories tucked away and tangled in threads of beads in the corner of her glass box. The tape part for 1987comprises a melody and winding sounds from a music box that my father gave my mother in their early days of courting, and the sounds of the carousel and pebbles at Brighton Beach in the South of England—a place of fond memories.

Vocals recorded by engineer, Alan Labiner, with vocalists Caleb Burhans and Martha Cluver at Carfax Abbey Studios, Brooklyn. 1987 was commissioned and premiered by the Seattle Chamber Players at Ice Breaker IV: The American Future—a concert curated by Alex Ross at On the Boards, Seattle.

In 2012, Tzadik Records released a full album of my music, titled Blue Moth, that showcases a diverse range of electroacoustic chamber music, including 1987.

— Anna Clyne



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