Neue Vocalsolisten: Silvia Rosani - T-O (from Mediterranean Voices)

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Several were the interpretations of the map T-O. The shortest line of the letter 'T' represented the Mediterranean Sea between three continents, while the 'O' stood for the primordial ocean which surrounded the earth surface. Some versions stressed the connection of the map to theology, others its relationship with the war in Africa and the journey across the sea during the Roman Empire. Nowadays, the question is how the journey transmutes the wide space of the sea, where sounds travel long distances, into the narrow boundaries of the mind, in which thoughts and memories multiply and repeat themselves in an obsessive mechanism of echoes. Sometimes, the physical destination can be reached, but the sea monster with seven heads and ten horns, which Christianity depicted in the Apocalypse in order to discourage navigation, turns into reverberating delusions. How does the western society deal with post-traumatic disorders and how do they influence the public opinion's perception of immigration?

Programme notes for ECLAT 2014.

T-O is a commission of Musik der Jarhunderte within the project Mediterranean Voices and was composer while Silvia Rosani was Fellow in residence at Akademie Schloss Solitude. More information can be found below.


T-O was performed by Neue Vocalsolisten in the following dates:

27/05/2017 Wege durch das Land Festival (Segelflugplatz Oerlinghausen, Germany)

13/05/2016 Onassis Cultural Center Athen, Diplareios School (Theatrou sq 3, Athens centre, Greece)

26/08/2015 Centro Kursaal (San Sebastian, Spain)

26-27/07/2014 Teatro Fondamenta Nuove (Venice, Italy)

24-25/05/2014 Teatro de la Zarzuela (Madrid, Spain)

20/04/2014 MATA Festival, The Kitchen (NY, USA)

09/02/2015 ECLAT Festival (Stuttgart, Germany)


The score can be purchased through the publishing house The Last Books.






T-O, for 5 voices

Stuttgart , Baden-Württemberg
48° 46' 33.0456" N, 9° 10' 58.5552" E
Baden-Württemberg DE
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