Ableton Live
2 Analogue synths
Step Sequencer
Grid controller
8 channel audio car

Additional Information

This is a commission from 2013, for an 8 channel piece to be diffused in a custom made inflatable 52 speaker sound tunnel. The piece comprised of new sections plus elements taken from 2 existing pieces namely Trainsounds and Coil Spring. I added further sections to create a 30 minute piece which was premiered at the Lincoln Festival 2014. Daz Disley diffused te 8 tracks coming from my rig into the 52 speaker system. I wrote up the project here, over the years the graphic score has gone missing, but both the live performance is captuted on youtube and on my bandcamp site. The whole project is written up here: https://stuartrussellcomposer.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/spiralsounds-del…


Technical rig to perform piece consists: -

Laptop running ableton Live, with 8 channel audio interface

2 analogue synths; Korg MS20, Arturia microbute (any arturia complex oscillator synth can do this)

1 Step sequencer for live use

1 Keyboard controller for FM synth patches in Ableton

1 controller for the clips in Ableton.


The diffusion element created by Daz Disley created a spiralling effect in the tunnel, reminisent of a barber pole, so the loop elements of the piece had a particular effect. I also provide an 8 channel mix where the piece can be heard in the circle.




Lincoln university campus
United Kingdom



Date recorded
28 Oct 2014
Stuart Russell
Stuart Russell SpiralSounds (Lincoln Festival)