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(Shelter; Bosnian)

60 mins. Solo classical accordion & video

Sarajevo, 1996. The city is under siege. Sniper fire kills civilians every day. The citizens of Sarajevo run to avoid being shot.  They run for one thing: shelter. Sklonište (shelter) was spray-painted throughout Sarajevo to guide its citizens to underground shelters. The siege lasted 1,425 days.

Combining the experiences and motivations of international aid-workers and the surrealism of war; Sklonište – for live musician and video, is a 60 minute alternative reflection on the longest siege in modern warfare – 13,952 were killed. Expect the surreal, the tragic and the humour of a people determined to survive.

Sklonište was originally developed with support from the PRS Foundation and Arts Council England.

Original music/concept – Ailís Ní Ríain (England/Ireland)

Classical Accordion – Dermot Dunne (Ireland)

Photography & Interviews – Jim Marshall (Scotland/Sarajevo)

Poetry – Semezdin Mehmedinović (Bosnia/USA)

Patrick Ketch – Animation (Ireland)

Voice – Amira Medunjanin (Bosnia)

Sarajevan citizens who lived through the siege

Plus contributions Elma Serdarevic, Amar Custovic and Elma Jucovic


Responses to Skloniste

“Ni Riain has composed a work which is serious, engaged, authentically post modern – but which still manages to be lyrical, melodic and deeply moving.”

“Powerful, poignant.”

“I was deeply effected by your piece…what a piece, I am still in “there”…

“Thought provoking.”

“Sklonište pays respectful homage to the people of Sarajevo, a timely reminder of how the horrors of war impact on innocent civilians. Discordant accordion lent a disturbing sense of immediacy ever truly evoked a strong response.”  – The Irish Examiner

“Weird, and beautiful.”

“I loved the black humour.”

“A very subtle and sophisticated way to approach so difficult a topic.”

“Beautifully paced and the music was just right.”

“Succinct, balanced.”

“Very, very moving and not what I expected at all.”








Sklonište [extracts from 4 mvts]