Random Music Theory Vol. 1

Additional Information


Modulation matrix 

Figured Bass

Voice Leading, Pt. 1

Rules for the Construction of Melody

Cadence, Pt. 1 - Introduction 

Common Root Progression in the Major and Minor Mode

Setting Words to Music

Three Types of Accent (dynamic, tonic, agogic)

Ornamentation, Pt. 1 (appoggiatura, mordents, trills, turns)

Note Values, Anacrusis or Upbeat

Four Types of Cadences, Pt. 2 

Landini, Gypsy/Magyar, Authentic and Jazz Cadences

Four Types of Syncopation

Setting Words to Music

Composing Melodies

Classical Harmonic Folk Dance Progressions

Passamezzo Antico, Passamezzo Moderno, Romanesca, Bergamasca, 

Chaconne and Passacaglia, Folia.

The Perception of Music

Frequency Rate and Musical Pitches

Four-Part Writing

Voice Leading, Pt. 2

Augmented Sixth Chords

The Neapolitan Sixth Chord

Chord Progressions & Creating Predictability

Chord Spacing in Vocal Polyphony

Four-Part Harmonisation 

Harmonic Progressions and Occurrence of Probability in Tonal Music

Plato’s Musical Idealism

Seventh Chords

Creating Surprise - Schematic, Dynamic, Veridical, Conscious

Added Sixth Chords


Rhetoric & Music

Schematic Predictability

Monophony, Polyphony, Homophony, Heterophony, Freistimmigkeit, Antiphony

The Lament

String Instruments

Motive Structure

Four-Part Writing

Ornamentations, Pt. 2  (appoggiatura, trills, turns, mordent)

Statistical Properties of Music