2. Raag Gezellig (piano duet) by John Pitts - Emilie Carcy & Matthieu Millischer

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 (2011) duet, 10 mins

"l'excellente oeuvre contemporaine de John Pitts"    André Peyregne, Nice-Matin 6 Dec 2011

"The real interest on this disc for me is the piece by John Pitts... According to the well- written and informative programme notes, the piece draws heavily on the classical sitar raag tradition of Pakistan. It begins quietly and atmospherically in the depths of the piano. These gentle murmurings soon become ominous and the first pianist joins in with melodic fragments which become gradually more aggressive, not to mention highly virtuosic and improvised-sounding. Soon we hear some extensive melodic lines at a faster pace. Some melodies are pre-composed, other sections are [quasi-]improvised. It all builds to a grand and magnificent climax followed by a short, gentle and effective conclusion. I was made aware from the disc of Piano Music by John Pitts which I reviewed some time ago, that here is a composer who has something of real interest to say. All the pieces I have heard so far are really characterful and imaginative and Raag Gezellig is no exception. The piece by John Pitts is well-worth investigating and it is brilliantly played here by Duo Bohêmes."  Geoffrey Molyneux MusicWeb International review of 2014 album Harmonies d'un Soir www.hyperion-records.co.uk/dc.asp?dc=D_1EMHDUS


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Raag Gezellig