Pour la guitare : hommage

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New modern music for classical guitar by Pierre Mercoeur

This piece is dedicated to the memory of Oliver Hunt, english composer for the guitar (mainly) and a very inspired and inspiring teacher of that instrument.

Tempi ungraspable, rubato unrepresentable, this 42-minute-long piece written with and on the instrument must be performed as if one is improvising for this piece written during a period of over three years has developed in such a way ; that is the reason why, as it unfold, the music seems constantly to refer to what has already been heard.

This very temperamental piece requires a very strong sound projection bearing in mind that the music is not only looking for emotion but also for beauty - that is . the right sound at the right place at the right moment.

The instrument must sound like an orchestra whenever the writing offers this opportunity and the interpretation must favor an unpredictable and unstable rendering with the extended use of rallentando, accelerando and ritardando.

Sections numbered from 1 to 8 must not be assimilated to «movements » as in a sonata ; therefore, one must not pause; one must remain concentrated for 42 minutes, the duration (acknowledging exceptional for the guitar), of the piece.


Professional performers willing to include this piece to their répertoire are more than welcome. To do so, a score under copyright law, is available on request.

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New modern music for classical guitar by Pierre Mercoeur


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Pour la guitare : hommage