Olive Tree

Additional Information

The olive tree is a symbol of nationality and connection to the land by Palestinians because of the tree’s slow growth and longevity. Although there is much to be celebrated in life, there is also much to feel sorrow for. I feel so sad each day seeing the horrific images and videos online of what is going on in Gaza - innocent civilians are being killed each day by airstrikes. Over 30,000 people including c. 13,000 children and many animals have so far been killed and that toll is mounting every single day. The levels of destruction are indescribable, not seen in my lifetime. I am heartbroken and I wish for an immediate end to the injustice, violence and suffering for all innocent civilians, and ever lasting peace. This piece is dedicated to all innocent lives lost and innocent lives who are suffering.

Composer: Shirley Ly

String Quartet: Musicians from Alerion Strings (see below)

Violist: John Michael Hird

Violinists: Charlie Brookes and Susanna Griffin

Cellist: Chris Terepin