New Theme to Still at Large


Media player
surround sound amplifier
5 speakers

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New Theme to Still at Large by The Creeping Things (Paul Rooney pseudonym)

5.1 channel sound work with single screen video, full version 11 mins, 2015.

The press release reads: "Still at Large was a film essay about Holy Island, northern England, presented by architecture writer Nicholas Still and directed by Paul Rooney. The online film was ‘hacked’ by The Creeping Things (aka Lola de Witte-Still of Berwick-upon-Tweed and Berlin), who re-edited her own version with a new musical soundtrack, New Theme to Still at Large, imposed on top of it. Over de Witte-Still’s relentless motorik beat and analogue synths, the female voice (which de Witte-Still claims is a ‘found’ vocal recording) on the new sound installation that accompanies the film, speaks of a disturbing male figure on the run from an unspoken crime, who is, in turn, on a hunt for something or someone. Is he aiming his threatening intent towards Nicholas Still himself?" Thanks to Lola de Witte-Still, Richard Stephenson Winter and Melanie Dagg. Commissioned by Berwick Visual Arts for Berwick Film Media & Arts Festival.

A stereo version of The Creeping Things’ New Theme to Still at Large is released as a single on Owd Scrat Records:…





New Theme to Still at Large