Kaffe Matthews “Love Shark“

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Love Shark  is a four channel solo by Matthews in which she duets live with 18 oscillators driven by 6 hammerhead sharks whose journeys were recorded north of Wolf Island, Galapagos April 2009. Matthews dived with, recorded underwater and filmed hammerheads whilst on a month’s residency on the Galapagos islands then.  She also collaborated with shark scientists who gave her this shark hunting journey data which she used to make her 3D sound installation  You might come out of the water every time singing (2012). This work also provided the groundwork for this resultant shark synthesizer, made in collaboration with Dr Adam Parkinson.

Kaffe to date has performed Love Shark at the National History Museum, London; GRM, Paris; Café Oto, London as well as in Rome, Berlin, Sheffield, Singapore, Zaragoza, Gothenburg, Huddersfield and Margate.






Love Shark

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