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Longplayer Legacies is a concert series that hosted three composers over three nights at the lighthouse in London’s Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Larry Achiampong, Laura Cannell and FutureSelf (Vanessa Brown) each re-composed and re-interpreted Longplayer (a project by Jem Finer) for an intimate onsite audience and a live stream hosted by Sound and Music.

Curated by Longplayer trustee Ella Finer as a Sound and Music Composer-Curator 2018, these concerts were a response to Longplayer’s ethos of caring for the long term alongside her own work as a producer and curator interested in re-mix, cross-temporal splicing and the politics of doing so.

The idea for these sessions was to ask how sound legacies are produced and who creates them? Who ensures their “preservation” and how? Who knows where to look for these legacies and who feels entitled to creatively and critically attend to these materials?





Longplayer Legacies

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