The Kinetics of Resonance


Drum Kit

Additional Information

In The Kinetics of Resonance two kinds of thinking about music coexist. The first is concerned with patterns, order and rhythm, the second with timbre, gesture and a freer sense of time (clock-time rather than bars and beats).  Over the course of the piece different takes on how these two ways of thinking might be combined another are explored, sometimes linearly and sometimes in simultaneous combination.

The piece was written for the drummer Dimitris Tasoudis who is an equally able percussionist as a jazz drummer. I wanted to write a piece that would challenge him to draw together disparate elements of his playing experience, as well as pushing him to engage with new ideas. As such, the score makes constantly changing demands on the soloist, both in terms of notation, and also the approaches it takes to the drum kit. Each new performer should bring their own sound and approach to the piece.


Written for Δημήτρης Τασούδης