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THE KEYNOTE is a collection of seven pieces for solo piano, each inspired by an assortment of curiosities including a painting, a gown, a bird etc. to create a mini musical library full of whimsical melodies and rippling emotions.

1.THE KEYNOTE is the title track inspired by the 1915 painting of the same name by William Chase. The composition is reminiscent of ballet music, creating a gentle and elusive sound world through a series of memory like moments.Much of the piece consists of octaves giving it a subtle bell like quality as the memory shones through taking you on a journey into the past.

2.COTTINGLEY FAIRIES is inspired by the 1917 photographs of garden fairies taken by two children called Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths. The piece lives in a twisted but magical soundscape capturing the falsehoods and fakery these cousins fabricated. Repeated notes feature throughout, evoking a sense that time is passing as the truth comes knocking.

3.THE PEACOCK DRESS is a 1902 gown designed by Jean-Phillippe Worth for Lady Curzon, consisting of gold and silver threads and bluey green real beetle wings, it was considered a masterpeice at the time. This flamboyant piece is a rather dazzling dance that is filled with flourishes in the form of glissandi, though darker harrmonies feature throughout, evoking the rather sordid history concealed in the stitches.

4.SEE THE SKY is much more abstract, themed on hope and the end of a dark period. With a much more contemporary quality, much of the harmonies are steeped in chromaticism. Starting in the lower register symbolising dark despair, but the piece then gradually climbs to the middle section of the piano as hope ocmes into play. As the sky comes into play, the piece finishes at the upper end of the paino keyboard leaving the listener high above the clouds.

5. BEFORE SLEEP is the longest piec running at 8 minutes long. . It is essentially a gentle lullaby and explores the moments before we fall asleep and how we can never remember them.

6. SPENDID FAIRYWREN is inspired by the rather stunning Australian bird. Concentrating on the upper register of the piano, the sounds emulate the trills and tremelos of the birds chatter and song. As the piece draws to a close the trills begins to gradually disappear as the bird flies from the tree.

7. MORE LATER.................. The closing piece on the album is short and sweet, and suggests that there is always more music coming.


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