Additional Information

In "Drift", space is turned into an interactive electronic instrument.  Interfacing with a 3D camera, sound is played entirely by a performer's movements.  A composition emerges from the performer's gestures and displacements, which in turn become dance, and lead to sonic architecture.  With no beginning or end, the resulting vibration is an invitation to savour sound, and delve further into the senses, gradually dissolving barriers between sound, movement and space.  Designed entirely out of sculpted, layered and processed realtime noise signals, the enveloping sound mass is continuously moulded in weight, density, volume, grain, and colour.  Due to the camera's sensitive reaction to microscopic changes in its depth of field, the performance draws on movement techniques such as Feldenkrais and Body-Mind Centering to inform the gestural control, and spatial awareness, needed to play this sonic environment.