Bohemian Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

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Described by publishers and leading pianists as "one of Piatti's most beautiful and accomplished works to-date”, his Bohemian Concerto for Piano and Orchestra was recently world-premiered by virtuoso pianist Thomas Pandolfi together with the Symphonicity Orchestra under the direction of maestro Daniel Boothe in Virginia Beach, in the United States of America. The "Bohemian" is a very emotional and passionate work, very much in the spirit of Chopin’s and Rachmaninoff's concertos, with the piano as the main protagonist while the orchestra dialogues with, and supports the soloist, requiring from the pianist both a very fine and subtle interpretation ability as well as considerable stamina and technical skills. The concerto's  name refers to the spirit of what we call a “bohemian" person, someone that leads the free spirited, tumultuous existence of an artist, with moments of excess, ecstacy and passion as well as warmth, introspection, love for the world and intense joie de vivre. Watch the world-premiere in Virginia, USA here:



Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

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