Ages of Ages

Additional Information

Ages of Ages was inspired by text taken from León 8, fol. 273, Et non deficiet ex te vir qui compleat voluntatem meam, and León 8, fol. 88v, Gloria et honor patri et filio et spiritui sancto et nunc and semper et in saecula saeculorum. I have used the English translation for my piece.  

I was inspired by the neumes and melisma patterns evident in the León 8 setting of these words. The use of freedom within repetition appeals to me, and this aspect is evident Ages of Ages.  The treble line resembles the shapes of the patterns found in the León 8 setting, and other parts imitate this or are sometimes in unison.  I initially worked with an unmetered score, but I found using time signatures better for performers to follow.  There are frequent changes of meter to give the feel of unmetered, freely evolving textual realisation. 



SATB, a cappella