Thursley Presents...

To celebrate the launch of Discover - a new podcast created as part of the Digital Residency opportunity on the British Music Collection, we are delighted to share a selection of music brought to you by Thursley Radio.

To mark Black History Month 2022 and the launch of Discover - a new podcast by Thursley Radio, created as part of the Digital Residency opportunity on the British Music Collection, we are delighted to share ‘Thursley Presents’.

Thursley is an art production-led platform that focuses on women and gender-non-conforming artists working with sound and music.

Thursley Radio is a podcast developed in 2019, which explored the context and influences that have informed the work of women and gender-non-conforming sound artists. Each show unearthed artist’s practices and navigated their artistic discoveries, from past to present. Listen to ‘Discover’ and find out more about Thursley here.

Thursley Presents is playlist of artists whose work we admire, that crosses cohesively across sound and music.

Blue Ruth

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Blue Ruth is the brainchild of Brimingham-born musician Kaila Whyte, formerly the guitarist in punk band Youth Man. Blue Ruth draws on industrial sounds, synth beats with a post-punk attitude; in combination with their raw but rhythmic vocals.

Alpha Maid 

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South East London, guitarist and producer Alpha Maid (aka Leisha Thomas, member of CURL collective) song MILD WEATHER is a composition of lo-fi punk, glitch jazz and electronics, topped with Maid’s punchy vocals

Ms Carrie Stacks 

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Ms Carrie Stacks hail from the club life of London. A producer, DJ and songwriter her debut album Q&A has given the music sphere post-electronica, synth beats alongside beautifully distorted vocals and harmonies - as heard on track, A Friend.

Loraine James / Whatever The Weather

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Loraine James, also known as Whatever the Weather, is a British electronic producer and musician. As an album WTW is bare bones arrangements, a ambient project, with moments of piano chords, cowbells, tape delays and electronic bloops that ring into silence. 36°C is a production full of heart-opening synths and expansive rhythms.

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