BMC Digital Residency: Thursley Radio

Listen to Thursley Radio - Discover: Inventing Waves ft. Xana - a new podcast created by Nadine Peters, as part of the BMC Digital Residency. 

We are very pleased to share Discover – a new podcast by Thursley Radio created by Nadine Peters, the first recipient of the Digital Residency opportunity on the British Music Collection.  

This was a nationwide call to mark Black History Month 2021 which was open to UK-based artists, composers, curators, thinkers, or collectives from the African and Caribbean diaspora, with an interest in exploring the British Music Collection and producing new creative responses and storytelling for our online audiences. Find out more about the digital residency here.  

Thursley Radio - Discover: Inventing Waves ft Xana

Nadine describes the project:  

Thursley Radio is a podcast show developed in 2019, which explored the context and influences that have informed the work of women and gender-non-conforming sound artists. Our aim is to amplify these voices, as a platform that acts as an audio residency where artists can revisit and reflect on their musical development. To date, I have interviewed artist/ musician Vivienne Griffin, producer Sunun and DJ/sound artist, Ain Bailey

As a producer and host, my role is defined in social research, musical theory, critical thinking, cultural studies and creative writing; the research produced takes the listener on a journey through the featured artist's work and methods provided: sound, music, poetry, or stories that have developed the artist's creativity. Through our conversation, we collaboratively create an audible timeline of their artistic growth from their earliest piece of work to their present, unearthing their outcomes. 

For the Digital Residency, I wanted to produce a podcast called Discover that solely looked at black women and gender non-conforming sound artists who are absent from the British Music Collection, exploring their self-direct practices in the form of a self-explanatory audio piece, told by the featured artist.

Discover, is a podcast that presents the work of Black artists and organisations working with sound and music, this discovery is of Inventing Waves London-based experimental music research label representing Black African and Caribbean artists, speaking on this topic is Xana one of the members.


Producer: Olivia Melkonian  
Sound Design: Calum Perrin 
Executive Producer: Nadine Peters  
Artist (Host): Xana - Inventing Waves Record Label 
Art Work: Thom Blane 

Listen to past episodes of the Thursley podcast on Mixcloud

Tune into 'The Guestlist' special video interview 

We’re thrilled to be relaunching our mini-series, #TheGuestlist, offering fresh perspectives on the music industry. The series, hosted by Naila Barrett, anchors itself in the issues of sustaining a creative career while facing and fighting barriers.

In this special episode celebrating Black History Month, The Guestlist is back for a one-off episode with the BMC Digital Residency Winner, Nadine Peters of Thursley Radio! Tune in as the pair talk all things fashion internships, making your own work, changing the industry and Nadine's top music recommendations.


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