Shirley Ly is a self-taught contemporary classical music composer from Greenwich in London, United Kingdom. She began composing music when she was 15 and instantly fell in love with it, writing pieces whenever she feels inspired to do so for live instruments. Her music has been played over a quarter of a million times across more than 80 countries around the world spanning six continents and is described to be a bridge between classical, romantic, and minimalist music with Eastern and jazz elements. Her concerts are performed in London.

She has produced two albums: Blossom (2021) and Impetus (2018) featuring piano, violin, cello, and viola. Both albums aim to capture her reflections on life experiences relating to nature, relationships, travel, and dreams. As she says, 'composing music is the discovery of self as one is able to express reflections freely through music, whether it be the first moment seeing a beautiful lake in the English countryside, the time after a late night out in the middle of Berlin or the experience of being deeply heart-broken after a relationship breakdown.' 

Shirley considers music to be very powerful as it can be shared, not only in a physical way where people can listen to it but in the sense that it evokes emotions, triggers memories, and makes the mind wander into an abyss of imagination. ​She hopes that her works share in this sense with you.

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Shirley Ly (Contemporary Classical Composer)


Shirley Ly

Shirley Ly
Shirley Ly
London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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