In this new monthly video series, Marc Yeats explores his relationship to composing, painting and landscape.

In our new 'Sounds of...' series on the British Music Collection, composer, producer and music-maker and part of Sound and Music's Composer-Curator programme, Stewart Baxter brings our attention to some of Hull's local composers past and present. 

Stewart Baxter

Discover a new work by Buster Woodruff-Bryant - the winner of the Young Person’s Opportunity for Climate. Sound. Change.

Composers or sound artists based in or born in the UK are invited to join the British Music Collection. Scroll down to find out more...
Photo: Na'ama Zisser, London-based composer featured in the British Music Collection.



'The focus of this interview is Manchester based digital story-teller and sound-artist, Gemma Nash. I became aware of Gemma when she interviewed for Sound and Music’s Pathways Programme. I was on the panel and was intrigued by the strong political and social narrative in her sound work...'


"I am very interested in creating a labyrinth and in combining different materials together..."

'Colin is one of the few classically trained composers who have a serious interest in sensory impairment and I wanted to speak with him in more detail about his own work in this area…’

Music and the Deaf and Kirklees Council - Deaf Awareness Week 2016

Embedded British Music Collection / Unlimited Impact 


"The thing is that new music can be and mean all sorts of things, and shouldn't be thought of as ‘specialist’ in general..."

Shoreditch: Experimental Music School 1969

The seventh, and final, article in a series on pieces for young players from the 1960s and 70s

"Somebody once told me an artist is the one who never stops. It's not easy obviously. But it has never been easy. "

Ruth Montgomery with flute

The first of a series of articles relating to Ailís' Embedded residency at the British Music Collection


"What brings me back to that period of my artistic career is a kind of transgresive approach to intensity, which I try to generate in my present work"