Marc Yeats announces new book 'Music, Painting, Landscape & Me'

Composer and landscape painter Marc Yeats announces his new book Music, Painting, Landscape and Me, to be published by Vision Edition with an anticipated Spring 2024 release.

In February 2022, Dr Marc Yeats embarked on the journey to realise his forthcoming book Music, Painting, Landscape and Me. He invited British Music Collection readers to join him and engage with his theoretical process, releasing monthly video diaries exclusively to the British Music Collection, which will conclude prior to the book's release.

Music, Painting, Landscape and Me examines the interplay between two of Marc's artistic practices, composition and painting, and puts into words his personal creative impetus and processes through the lens of both composer and painter. Speaking of the book, Marc said:

'The questions I pose and the answers I discover in my work find expression through the symbolic forms of music and painting. The significance conveyed or interpreted is presented within these symbolic realms. To communicate within the realm of words, I must transform questions, concepts, and responses from the 'languages' of painting and music into text-based forms. This process opens up new dimensions for interpretation and expression.'

'This transformation is a learning experience, allowing for fresh perspectives on my work and providing alternative ways to articulate my thoughts. My motivation stems from the belief that questions about my creative practice resonate with many who engage in artistic pursuits. By using words to convey those thoughts, I aim to offer an alternative to relying solely on my music compositions and paintings as the exclusive sources of information about my practice. Music, Painting, Landscape and Me allows me to share those thoughts more widely.'

'From a personal perspective, putting my thoughts into writing is an attempt to consolidate and satisfy my curiosity regarding why and how I pursue my artistic endeavours. It also seeks to explore whether there is a way to convey the connection I perceive between music, painting, the landscape, and myself that extends beyond my personal experience.'

Music, Painting, Landscape and Me will be published by Vision Edition with an anticipated Spring 2024 release. To stay up to date with Marc, follow him on Twitter and Instagram or head to his website.

Dr Marc Yeats is a composer, landscape painter and artistic practice researcher. Together with explorations of temporality, perceptual obfuscation, serendipity, play, geology, layering, erosion, landscape and place-specific resonance, these art-forms, structures and approaches cross-fertilise and influence each other to find embodiment in his work. Understanding, researching and developing this self-referential relationship remains his life-long challenge and passion.
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