Here at Sound and Music and particularly on the British Music Collection, we feel it is important to capture this moment in our history and to create a space to reflect on COVID-19 and individual responses in a creative way.

New Voices is an annual composer support scheme raising the profile of some of the most talented and exciting new voices in the UK today.


New Voices 2018

Introducing a new series of articles mapping the last fifty years of new music in the UK

Composers or sound artists based in or born in the UK are invited to join the British Music Collection. Scroll down to find out more...
Photo: Na'ama Zisser, London-based composer featured in the British Music Collection.



Daniel Kidane

In collaboration with London Music Masters, we're excited to introduce Daniel Kidane's curation project for the British Music Collection - Daniel Kidane's Composer Club. Read more about the project here.

Next in Alex Ho's curated series Silvina Milstein reflects on the intersection of compositional tradition and national colour, following the release of her of gold and shadows cycle.

Ayanna Witter-Johnson

In the third of Alex Ho's curated series on transnational identity in new music, we hear from composer Ayanna Witter-Johnson.

Composer Alex Ho brings together blogs from seven award-winning composers with non-European heritage investigating the relationship between transnational identity and music.

We're excited to announce the next group of winners of the 'Interpreting Isolation' grants, who will be presenting 6 new works that respond creatively to this unique moment in our history. 

In this edition of our regular highlights feature, Sound and Music intern Imogen Lawlor explores 5 musicians in the collection from North-East England.

As we approach the application period for Sound and Music's New Voices 2020, take a look back at some of the work and experiences the programme has led to so far


6 projects were selected as creative responses to COVID-19, as part of our 'Interpreting Isolation' grants. Over the next 4 weeks we will be premiering these works - discover them here. 

Emma-Jean Thackray

In this edition of our regular highlights feature, Sound and Music intern Tamaratare Amgbaduba explores 5 Jazz musicians from the British Music Collection