Isobel Anderson


Isobel Anderson is a vocalist, songwriter, composer and sound artist from East Sussex, England. Her work explores individual and collective constructions of ‘place’ through composed sound, field recording, performance and voice. By walking in specific locations Anderson generates materials such as text, field recordings, photographs and objects, which together form a body of site-specific work that includes soundwalks, fixed audio pieces, installations and live performances. The voices present in these works are often disembodied, and play with language and time to test the possibilities of re-contextualising, or mis-‘placing’, the body and the mind within primarily aural surroundings.

She has just completed a PhD at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University, Belfast, titled 'My Words Trace A Path: Encounters with place through voice, performance and field recording'. This research offers new insights into the role of sound art in geographic identity, while placing language and voice at the centre of this work.​