Dee Fry


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London based neurodivergent multi-instrumentalist musician / composer / vocalist / songwriter / & sound artist. She creates new intricate music, songs, & ethereal soundscapes through which they have coined the term/concept ‘Stimscapes’, otherworldly yet welcoming. Blending elements from art-pop / post-rock, experimental, ambient, folk-songs, electronica, to contemporary soundscapes and live improvisations, she records & performs often layered sonic song explorations through playing electric guitars / acoustic guitars / keyboards / piano / synths, as a singer / vocalist, & through using sampled objects / field recordings / recycled sounds / audio-visuals & adapted tech. Often exploring relationships between reverberating themes of ‘Sound / Senses / Regulation / Delay / Decay’, of ‘Stimming / Repetition’, and through reflecting of what they describe as their experience of “ND/PD+Embodiment / Orbiting”, or of what they call “circuits harmonising aütmospheric darkness & light” and “aiming for a form of ND/PD+ affirming ecomusicology”, she makes solo & collaboratively with a diverse range of interdisciplinary musicians and artists.

Projects include: collaborating with artist Jon Adams+Flow Observatorium KoCreate Collective (‘Watching Waters’ installation) & inc. piece “Wolves Iceni Skies Waters” Stimscape Songs EP music & film, live music-making and composition work inc. piece “Hymn from the Canal” on artist Elinor Rowlands’ ‘Biodivergent Sites and Sounds’ project; with artist Ivan Riches’ improvisational quartet in immersive installation ‘Surroundings’ (South London Gallery / Young V&A / Plough Arts Centre), and guitar/vocal with the eyesintheirhands quartet and ‘Forced Displacement’ album; as Servals the living and evolving Song Cycle projects “Sustain Release Chorus Attack Decay Delay” and “Longitudinal WAVE Songs”, ‘Stim Music Delayed’ (DFryStimscapes / AMA in development); Sharon Gal’s ensemble for electric guitars (‘Feel The Noise’, Goldsmiths University); National Autistic Society’s ASSIST Music project; Drake Music’s Connect & Collaborate (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London / Parallel Festival, Olympic Park London); Sound and Music’s COVID-19 Composer Awards (Winners 2021); & as singer / keyboardist / guitarist co-writing / performing in various art / rock bands.


BSc (Hons) Social Sciences (1st) 2006 (Open), PGDip Psychological Research Methodologies 2010 (Open).