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'A Hidden Order' – Music & Geometry Suite – for small ensemble (flute, cor anglais, marimba doubling percussion, & cello). The suite was part of an ongoing work with geometer and friend Sama Mara, exploring the relationship between geometry and music. The pieces were written for visualisation using a system of Sama's own design - each time a note is played, it appears at a corresponding place on a grid. Pitch relates to colour, patterns to rhythm, dynamics to saturation, and so the image unfolds in realtime, as a direct response to the sound source. Various forms of grid were used, each adhering to a different geometric principle. There were a large number of restrictions placed on the music, because of the nature of the grids used. Broadly speaking, pieces were written in one of two ways – either freely by the composer within the permitted time signatures, or in response to a visual template for composition provided by Sama Mara. Pieces were fed back between composer and geometer until the best result was reached under available time. This suite consists of 10 movements. The pieces are to be performed in no set order, and may be played in one sitting, in smaller sets, or as stand-alone compositions;

I – Hexagon – Ensemble (free composition)
II – Pentagon – Ensemble II (using very general visual guidelines)
III – Octagon – Flute & Marimba (following a visual template)
IV – Square – Ensemble (free composition)
V – Pentagon – Ensemble I (using very general visual guidelines)
VI – Pentagon – 'Roundels' Ensemble (following a very strict visual template)
VII – Hexagon – Cello & Percussion (free composition)
VIII – Octagon (Square) – Marimba (free composition)
IX – Octagon – Ensemble (using very general visual guidelines)
X – Triangle – Ensemble (free composition)

Written in Brighton January-August 2013. First performed by Philippe Barnes (flute), Suzie Shrubb (cor anglais), Adam Bushell (marimba, percussion), Susie Winkworth (cello) and Lee Westwood (percussion) in March 2014 as part of an exhibition at the Princes School Of Traditional Arts, Shoreditch.


Chamber (3 - 6 players)
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A Hidden Order - 2013-14