Following studies with composer Dieter Salbert, I commenced research into spatial aspects of North American live electronic music. At this time I also created a number of works for The Option Band and Normedia in addition to realisations of early works by Gavin Bryars and Jean Yves Bosseur.

Influenced by post-minimalism and the English experimental music tradition, I went onto produce a number of works for performance in a range of art spaces. Following this were several projects with mime artist and student of Marcel Marceau, Rowan Tolley.

A decade-long cross-cultural research project into the use of music and sound to commune with nature led to collaborations in the early noughties with artists Mary Barratt and Stephen Morley and a subsequent return to more traditional forms of compositional practice.

In recent years I have received performances from a number of ensembles and soloists including CoMA, Derby Concert Orchestra, Komposit, Red Note Ensemble, Sinead Mooney and Ezra Williams (UK), Duo Avance (CH/DE), Viktor van Niekerk (ZA), Negative Zed, Vancouver Miniaturist Ensemble (CA).

I have also interviewed composers Harold Budd, Roger Eno and Daniel Lentz for The Mouth Magazine.

My current work could be described as 'post-style' being informed by nature, the sacred and tradition.



Robert Dickinson