Jake Bradford-Sharp


Jake Bradford-Sharp is an accomplished English composer, musician, songwriter, and producer known for his versatile approach to music across various mediums. With technical proficiency as his cornerstone, Jake's artistic journey encompasses composing for TV, film, games, session recordings, live performances, and music tutoring.

His musical voyage took a significant turn at the age of 16 when he joined the professional band, The Reasoning. This experience led to him being recognized as the "5th Best Drummer of 2010" by Prog magazine, solidifying his drumming prowess. Between his touring commitments, Jake's passion for composing for TV, film, and games blossomed. His innate ability to effortlessly traverse diverse musical styles and genres made him a sought-after collaborator for independent filmmakers and production music libraries.

Jake's compositions have a global reach, gracing radio stations, television shows, advertisements, and the silver screen. Each piece within his expansive repertoire carries the unmistakable hallmark of Jake Bradford-Sharp's unique musical identity. In addition to his celebrated compositional career, Jake continuously enchants audiences with his own musical releases under his eponymous label, JBS Recordings. These offerings have garnered a devoted fanbase on streaming platforms, attesting to his enduring artistic resonance.


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United Kingdom