Jorge Boehringer / Core of the Coalman


Jorge Boehringer is Sound Artist, Noise Fanatic, Amp Worshiper, Music Composer, Environmental Artist, 

(for installations and ensembles or soloists 

(with or without electronics [and/or computers]) 

and/or self as solo performer 

(viola, guitar, objects, percussion, voice, electronics)); 

writer, researcher, educator; 


{morphological: pattern formation & recognition 

(plant, animal, water, weather, mineral)}, 

{phenomenological: (visible & invisible, 

temporality, real and unreal situations and circumstances)}, 

{environments (ecology, interactivity)}, 

{(pre-) history (& post-)}; 


Boehringer is currently research associate for Sonification Design and Aesthetics at Newcastle University in the UK. During his PhD at CeReNem (University of Huddersfield, UK), Jorge studied with Bryn Harrison and Peter Ablinger. He holds and an MA from Mills College (Oakland, CA) where he studied with Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith, and Alvin Curran and worked with Gordon Mumma, Maryanne Amacher, Paul DeMarinis and Alan Kaprow. More to hear at