Mimi Harmer


A cellist, composer, educator, and digital producer. Mimi Harmer has carved out a wholly unique and diverse career at the intersection of music, education, and digital technologies.

As a performer, Mimi is at the beating heart of the music industry in the United Kingdom. Her work as a cellist has taken her across the country and the world, performing with a diverse roster of artists across disciplines, collaborating with producers, composers, and sound designers to bring innovative sonic ideas to life.

But her musical ambition doesn’t stop at performance. Mimi has marked herself out as a dynamic and expressive composer with her genre-blending works premiered by members of the London Symphony Orchestra and English National Opera. It was with these abilities that Mimi worked with Kathak dancer Mansi Dabral on Kanyaa - The Daughter, under the mentorship of Balbir Singh.

Above all Mimi is an innovator using performance and composition to challenge convention. To pull the music industry into the future and bring people together. Mimi is currently combining her drive to widen access and participation in the arts with her knowledge of interactive technologies and skill as a digital producer to prepare an ambitious debut virtual reality experience. She has also presented her ideas on innovation to Adobe, ARTE, and the IMZ International Music and Media Centre.

In March 2023 Mimi was invited to participate in the British Council SelectorPRO programme, culminating in a series of gigs across Argentina where she collaborated with DJ Julianna Cuervo and VJ Julianna Mujica in a multimedia artistic piece.  

Mimi is also a proud Director of The F-List for Music: the UK's largest directory for female and gender minority musicians. In May 2022 Mimi was appointed as a Board member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), where she represents the interests of early career musicians and provides her extensive expertise in music education.

In June 2022, Mimi was made a Fellow of the European Music Council.



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