Gwyll Abraham


Gwyll is an accomplished composer of wedding music with over a decade of experience in the industry. He studied music composition at Leeds Conservatoire and has written music for countless weddings and other special events.

Gwyll's music style is versatile, ranging from traditional classical pieces to modern pop-influenced compositions. He has a knack for creating beautiful melodies that capture the emotions of the moment and enhance the overall atmosphere of a wedding.

He has collaborated with many top wedding planners, florists, and photographers, as well as individual couples looking for the perfect soundtrack for their special day. Gwyll  prides himself on working closely with clients to understand their unique vision and preferences, and creating music that perfectly matches their needs.

Accomplishments: Gwyll's music has been featured in numerous high-profile weddings and events, and she has received rave reviews from both clients and industry professionals and was recently awarded the Best Wedding Music Composer by a popular wedding magazine.

A warm and empathetic person who understands the importance of creating music that connects with people on an emotional level. Gwyll is a consummate professional who always goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients are completely satisfied with is work.