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Hossein Darabi (born May 19, 1986, Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian writer, producer, presenter, composer and actor. Hossein started his work from a young age and officially entered the field of art in 2001 with the establishment of Terbip Institute.

He also has a brilliant education, which can be mentioned as the 9th rank doctorate in civil engineering from Khajeh Nasir University, bachelor's degree in psychology and bachelor's degree in theater and acting.

He became famous by playing in the historical series Youssef the Prophet, and everyone knows him by the name Yuzarsif and remembers watching that memorable series.

He was also in charge of producing several films and theaters, examples of which can be mentioned: Love Swallows (2012), Bam Iran (2013), Mr. Engineer (2014), Arzoo (2015) and Laila's Solitude (2015)

he is in 2016 won the Crystal Simorgh Award of Fajr Film Festival.

Hosein mostly produces wordless music and has many examples in his many years of activity. If we want to name some of his most popular songs, we can mention singles such as: Rastakhiz (2009), Son of Fire (2005), Rahai (2010), Aram (2012), Ta Aseman (2015) pointed out.

In his personal life, he has always tried to create the best in the field of music and film. Most of his free time is spent practicing and thinking about the future and reading books because he believes that books are something that, if used correctly, can lead a person to anything in the world.

He always seeks to make the most of everything he has in order to achieve success, and he has decided to establish an art institution and search for brilliant talents in it.

He believes that a person can take the steps of progress one after the other by relying on his will, and in this way, he needs patience and perseverance.

Hosein is also active in charity affairs. He is now also known as the head of the Azadegan charity, a charity that supports orphaned children until they reach puberty. He believes that there should be a platform for these children. They need support, but they are neglected by society

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Hossein Darabi

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