Rachael Hales


Rachael Hales is a composer, sound artist and performer based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

​Her creative output draws upon sounds of place – environmental sound and other sonic markers of place (music, speech, accents and dialect, poetry and other writings) – to explore ways in which a sense of place can be portrayed, created, or transformed through sound.  She creates soundscapes and installations, many of which have been exhibited in the places from which they have originated. Previous compositions have been exhibited at local festivals and venues including the Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering, the Chantry Bagpipe Museum in Morpeth, and the Discovery Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Her work draws on electroacoustic composition techniques and improvisation.  As part of the creative process she will often spend time in place with her fiddle or viola, improvising with the sounds of the environment to create site specific performance pieces, which are often incorporated into her compositions as well as being sound works in their own right.

Rachael is also a folk musician, playing fiddle in a ceilidh band and duo.

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