Sarah Ourahmane


Composer, producer and musician  

Sarah Ourahmane (n. 1998) is a British-Algerian musician, composer, sound-artist, and researcher based in London.  

Her work is the result of a paradox; rough field recordings, or orchestral instruments met with polished electronic production and voice. She’s released on 3024 and her soundscapes have been commissioned and aired by Radio Alhara, Delfina Foundation (UK), Sculpture International Rotterdam (NL) and Operator Radio (NL). Her recent work leans more towards composition for orchestra and soundtrack work, culminating in the soundtrack for 'To Have a Lover' short-film directed by Charlotte Scobie recorded and written in collaboration with composer and producer Ankit Suri and also collaborating with Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. 

She finds the beauty of this specific art form in the possibility to tell a story and pull at the emotional heart strings of a narrative, whilst creating scores that are memorable, and speak true to the sonic quality of a film. Excited to delve deeper into this medium, she is also propelled by her solo-music practise of composing for voice and orchestral instruments. 


Lydia Ourahmane