Beau Beaumont is a Liverpool-based sound artist and composer, exploring the realms of sonic ecology, minimalism and acousmatic exchange.


Alongside performances, scores, exhibitions and commissions for the likes of The Royal Opera House, Tate Gallery and NTS Radio, Beaumont has been developing her interest in synthesis, field recording and installation-based works in unconventional locations. In the past, she has worked with Red Bull Music and Resident Advisor on the co-curation of electronic music events and has been invited as a panel member for BBC Radio 6 and Red Bull Music

She currently holds a residency on NTS Radio and is the founder of independent label and event platform Meine Nacht. 




Photo by Hannah Metcalfe


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Beau Beaumont

Liverpool , Merseyside
United Kingdom
53° 24' 30.1356" N, 2° 59' 29.6628" W
Merseyside GB

This composer has self-identified as LGBTQ+ - part of a platform intervention celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month 2021.

Through it we want to create a safe and inclusive digital space that allows for greater representation, celebration and recognition of LGBTQ+ composers and music-creators, whilst bringing their work to a wider audience.