Ralf Dorrell


I am a musician interested in music from many genres (and in music that falls down the cracks between conventional genres).

I have been active as a professional musician since 1981, and have studied classical composition to MA level and have recently finished a PhD in Jazz Composition.

Being an active performer as well as a composer, I am very interested in writing music that is playable, well-written and effective. My composing style is informed by my experience as a performer, arranger and composer in many genres of music - classical, early music, jazz, free improvisation, pop and folk - performing as both a bass player (including electric bass guitar) and trombone/sackbut player.

After forty years as a music teacher and university music lecturer, I left teaching in March 2021 to concentrate on composing and performing full-time.

Please go to my website: https://ralfdorrell.com/composer for more information and examples of my work.