Alireza Kohany


Alireza Kohany (Persian: علیرضا کهنی) is an emerging Musician, Composer, DJ, and Music Producer from Iran. He is known for his vibrant music and amazing personality.

Alireza brings various cultural influences in his music which helped him grow. He uses his lyrical versatility and life experiences to break into the mainstream public eye. His main goal while creating music is to leave the listener with a feeling of joy and positivity. The feeling that makes them want to come back and listen over and over again .His obsession with aesthetics and minimalism is an endless road he pursues, the simple lifestyle that he desires only helps him dim down the complexities that he only wishes to express.

Bеіng passionate аbоut his work аnd аlwауѕ wanted tо carve а niche fоr himself іn life, wаѕ thе spark thаt ignited him to pursue his dreams and passion. He has a giant fan following across social media. He has been continually dropping music and growing his fan base independently. He likes to blend different genres in his Music. You may even see him in upcoming modeling shoots.

Alireza hails from Tehran, Iran. His age is around 28 years old as of 2021 and he is Iranian by Nationality. His date of birth is 18th, June 1993. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

While Growing up, he was surrounded by various influences in Music. His parents were also very fond of music and have always played a wide array of music around the house.

His passion to deliver something new and something better has driven him over the years and is the key to his success & perseverance.

He is a man with a proactive approach and has painted the canvas of his dream with the colors of his consistent and persistent efforts.

Alireza rising popularity is very much deserved by the young man not only because of his talent but because of his dedication and hard work.

Singers like Alireza have taken music to a whole new level. He takes time to make sure his music is something that isn’t forgotten.

He keeps updating about his new release over his Instagram.

He aims to push the boundaries of music by engulfing his ethnic roots and intertwining them with his grasp on western music culture.

You can also check out his music on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Youtube Music, Apple Music & Soundcloud and all music platforms and streaming.

And he likes to draw different influences from different styles in his music and is not limited to one genre.

He runs a Youtube Channel where he uploads music videos and teasers.


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