Bambi Redux is a producer, performer, composer, musician, artist, and interventionist. She was born in Panama City in 1982 and was raised and educated in Chile, Venezuala, Oman & Algeria before returning to Panama aged 17 to embark on a modelling career. However after a chance meeting with pop svengali Larry McMurray in 2002, Bambi decided to pursue her passion for music. After a brief spell performing in a series of commercially unsuccesful girl groups, Bambi decided that she should pursue a solo career, and a far more radical musical direction, beginning with her debut album 'Release' in 2006.

Bambi's music represents a determination to refute the orthodoxies of electronic music, which she sees as '...patriarchal, imperialist, technocratic, anti-musical, anti-intellectual, and silencing..' Using obsolete technology, zero budget, labour intensive techniques, extreme tempo, unconventional meter, and wilfully idiosyncratic production values, this work seeks to re-assert the centrality of content. As she puts it; 'Music is NOT sound. Sounds are not music. Dance music, in particular, has become a sort of arms race, in which sound and production values are used to silence and deny any discussion about content, which in the case of trance, techno etc is at best invariant, at worst nonexistent. If any kind of meaningful subversion is still possible, it must involve rejecting the dogma of the mass media culture, which is the dogma of style over substance, of production values masquerading as content. To put it another way, cheap is beautiful..'

Bambi has collaborated with composers including Jasper Kinney and Eldred Stevenson, and has performed all over the world. Her re-working of Messiaen's Quartet For The End Of Time was widely accalimed and her new version of Doubles by Boulez was featured on the Historage CD released by Distractfold to mark 70 years of Darmstadt Neumusikinstitut in 2016. Her music is the subject of UK tribute act Fist Of Pure Emotion and she has had at least one video removed from youtube. She is currently based in Bristol, UK.

"An Apokolyptikum..." Volker Hagedorn, Zeit

"Remarkable..." James Saunders, Composer & Author

"Lavish & obnoxious..." Bristol 24/7

"Sounds great and I'd like to thank you..." Matthew Lloyd, Tesco Customer Outreach Centre

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Bambi Redux

Bambi Redux
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This composer has self-identified as LGBTQ+ - part of a platform intervention celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month 2021.

Through it we want to create a safe and inclusive digital space that allows for greater representation, celebration and recognition of LGBTQ+ composers and music-creators, whilst bringing their work to a wider audience.