Zygmund de Somogyi


Zygmund de Somogyi (b. 1996) is a British-Filipino composer, performer, and writer currently based in London.

Their work explores expressions of metamodernism, digital folklore, and the recontextualisation of genre and form through concert works, studio albums, film scores, and interdisciplinary projects: their work has encompassed psychological-horror opera, 31-TET string quartets, immersive sound-art theatre, unfiction, and graphic-score-video-games.

Zygmund’s work has been performed across the UK, Ireland, Germany, Cyprus, Malaysia, Canada, the USA, and across cyberspace. They have recently been commissioned by organisations such as Gaudeamus Screendive, Access Contemporary Music Chicago, and Opera in Oborne, and have featured in performances and workshops at Taverna Maderna, Cheltenham Composer Academy (Cheltenham Music Festival), Contemporary Music Lab Cyprus, Festival Mixtur, and Crossing Borders Music, among others; upcoming projects include pieces for Benjamin Powell as part of Psappha’s Composing For... scheme, cellist Ben Tarlton, and Orchestra in the Shape of a Pear.

In 2022, their debut opera hikikomori! was premiered in Oborne, Dorset, featuring performances from Britten-Pears and Garsington-affiliated singers and direction and mentorship from the Royal Opera House’s Susanna Stranders.

They were resident composer for UK-USA theatre organisation Distracted Rat from 2021-22, working on projects for London Horror Festival, Camden Fringe Festival, and Camden People’s Theatre; their work also features in productions by OSO Arts Centre, ThinkTank Planetarium, and YouTube channel Rare Earth.

Zygmund studied at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire with Ed Bennett, Edwin Roxburgh, and Howard Skempton. They have also received mentorship and guidance from Joe Cutler, Andrew Toovey, Carola Bauckholt, Neil Stemp, David Horne, Joe Glasman, Daniel Kidane, Georgios Christofi, and Andreas Tsiartas.

Outside of composition, Zygmund is artistic director and editor of contemporary music magazine PRXLUDES, contributor to various music magazines as a journalist, and vocalist & guitarist in punk quartet Trouble Sleeping.

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